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Frequently Asked Questions

Buy Once. Use Forever. Free Updates and Support until 1st July 2022.

The purchase of any valid version 2 licence after 1st June 2020, gives you all major and minor version updates for free and all the technical support you need for over a year.

You don't have to upgrade though. Use your version for as long as you want. It will never expire.

"How do I get the full version after purchase?"

After your payment has been cleared, you will be sent an email message with a BiteSpire Account login link. Use this link to sign into your software account which will show your licence key next to the item you've bought. This licence key should be entered directly into your installed version of doogiePIM. No other download is required. If you do need to download the latest version, there will be download links in the email message details.

The email message with details of your purchase should arrive within a few minutes after your payment is cleared. In case of leaves on the Internet line, please wait about 6 hours then contact us




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End User Licence Agreement is available in plain text form.