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doogiePIM version 2.x with Free minor updates

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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions


I already have a version 1 licence key, obtained on or after July 2017

There is no need to purchase any upgrade. You get version 2 and all its minor updates for free. Simply download doogiePIM, install and use your existing licence key in version 2. It will be accepted as valid.


I have a licence key that I bought before July 2017. Can I get some discount?

Of course you can. You can get a big discount of 50% off the price of version 2. Go to the top of this page and enter your licence key to get the special purchase page.


I don't have a licence key yet. Can I get some discount too?

You can get doogiePIM for free. Read more about it.


Buy Once. Use Forever.

Purchasing a version 2.x licence comes with unlimited free updates for that major version.
This means you will get 2.0 to 2.9 for free with no extra cost at all. You don't have to upgrade though. Use your version for as long as you want. It will never expire


"How do I get the full version after purchase?"

After your payment has been cleared, you will be sent a special email message with a licence key that you enter directly into your installed version of doogiePIM. No other download is required.

The email message with details of your purchase should arrive within a few minutes after your payment is cleared.

If you have paid by BitCoin or other cryptocurrency, please ensure you send a valid email address along with the Payment ID references so I can locate and send you your licence key.




Pay By BitCoin

Purchasing a doogiePIM licence using cryptocurrency is also available. Read the full list of cryptocurrency addresses that are accepted.

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