Official BiteSpire doogie®PIM 3+ Alpha/Beta Testing

Please be aware that ALPHA and BETA versions are for testing and overview only. ALPHA/BETA software is by definition, still in test and development mode and as such should not be used for important data.


Test Pilots can converse and report findings in the Community Test Pilot area.


Are you brave enough to be a BiteSpire Test Pilot? I can guarantee there will be at least one crash, and not a single Cloud to be seen (pun intended). :) If you're as brave as Chuck Jeager then drop me a line and I'll set your forum account to "Test Pilot" mode.

Being a Test Pilot enables you to download Alpha and Beta versions of my software for you to barnstorm and submit your feedback in the Test Pilot's Tea Room BYOB (Bring Your Own Biscuits).