Images can be used to enhance your document. You can insert images in tables, cells, background canvas or directly into the text.

heart See Image Formats for which image file formats that are recognized.

helper To insert an image
rightarrowSelect Insert an image menu item from the Insert menu, or
rightarrowClick on the icon,  "insert an image" on the Insert Toolbar.

You will see the familiar open dialog window. Simply browse to the image file you want, there is a useful small preview of the image on the right hand side of the dialog window, so you can choose your bitmap. Click on Open and the image will be inserted at the cursor point.

You can also drag an image from BiteSpire Files Explorer or the Windows File Explorer directly into the document, which is effectively the same as this function, but quicker.

helper To Resize or Replacing images
First select the image you want to modify by either left clicking on the image, or by use Shift+Cursor or by using the mouse and selecting it as if you're selecting text. Then do this:
rightarrowRight-Click and choose "Object Properties"
rightarrowClick on the icon,  "insert an image" on the Insert Toolbar.

You will see the "Image Properties" dialog window, where you may alter the Width and the Height of your Image. You may also Open a different image which will replace the current image with the new one.

Note: By changing the width and height only changes the display width and height of the image. The original is still untouched. Which means you can reduce the image to a small size and use it as a thumbnail display.

Tip: You also may resize an image by drag the small rectangles around the image in the editor.

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