Paragraphs can be formatted in various ways, like text. You can align them, indent, border them and colour the background. It is recommended you experiment with the various formatting options, especially the Paragraph Properties window. You will find you will be able to create some fascinating results, just with a few borders and indentation.

You will find the formatting tools under the main menu "Format". As well as the Paragraph Format toolbar.

helper To Align A Paragraph

rightarrowChoose from the main menu "Format / Align Paragraph / ...", then choose the appropriate alignment you need, either Left, Centre, Right or Full Justified.

More Paragraph Formatting

To add visual features to your paragraphs, you may use the Paragraph Properties dialog for finer control over indentation, borders, colours and more.

helper Advanced Formatting A Paragraph

To launch the dialog, first select the paragraphs you want to format in the editor, then do one of the following:

rightarrowFrom the Main Menu choose "Format / Paragraph Properties", or
rightarrowFrom the Paragraph Format bar, choose the icon "Paragraph Properties", or
rightarrowRight click in the editor and select "Paragraph Properties"


You will see a definition screen. Simply change the values you want to adjust then press [OK] to save the properties, or press [Cancel] to cancel any changes.

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