Spell Checking

doogiePIM comes with an English/American dictionary and the Roget's Thesaurus in it's default installation. You are able to spell check any doogiePIM Notes document using these dictionaries.

More dictionaries are freely available, go to our web site https://bitespire.com/download.php to obtain dictionaries for other languages.

If you've purchased the CD-ROM version of doogiePIM, then you will find more dictionaries along with technical word databases on the CD-ROM.

helper To Spell Check A Document

rightarrowFrom the main menu, select "Edit/Check Spelling", or
rightarrowOn Spell Check Toolbar, click on the icon "Spell check", or

If there is a word that is not found in it's dictionary, then you will see a window popup with some suggestions. Either click on one of the suggestions and press [Change] or enter the new word in the "Replace with" edit box.

You can add the word to your personal dictionary by clicking [Add].


Spelling Options and other Dictionaries

helper To change spelling options

rightarrowFrom the main menu choose Edit/Spelling options and dictionaries


helper To add new dictionaries

rightarrowCopy your newly download dictionary into the file folder: C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\dictionaries

Live Spell Checking

Live spell is a useful feature in doogiePIM. It has the ability to check your spelling in the background while you work. Any words that are miss-spelt are underlined with a red squiggly line.
If you right click on a miss-spelt word, choose Correct Spelling and the sub menu will list the some appropriate suggestions. Click on the correct word you want.

helper To Enable or Disable Live Spell Checking

rightarrowFrom the main menu, select "Edit/Spell Check As You Type".
The tick next to the menu item indicates whether the live spell checking is enabled or disabled.

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Spell Checking